Manage M365 Groups in the New Outlook for Windows Desktop and/or Outlook for the Web App

In this demo I go over how to manage the new M365 Groups features in your company tenant using the New Outlook Desktop client or Outlook for the Web App (OWA). We go over all the aspects of the features available in the Groups tab and provide links for further reading.

Thanks to OfficePro, Inc. and Microsoft Speakers Hub for allowing me to represent them! We will have more presentations to come in the following weeks! Be on the lookout for new events weekly!

Sometimes you may need to adjust your M365 Group or perform tasks from your M365 Groups that you are the Owner of. This can be easily done through Outlook for the Web App or the new Outlook Desktop Client. This documentation will show you how to perform those tasks and make those changes.

Accessing Your Groups to Manage Them

  • In Outlook for the Web App, Choose the Groups Icon on the Left Hand Ribbon
  • Your Groups will be listed in the Inner Ribbon under Groups
  • The right-hand window is where you perform all your tasks with the group

E-Mail Tab

  • Click the Email Tab to access the group messages.
  • You can send emails to the group from there and follow up on emails sent to the group.
  • You can change the settings to deliver group messages to your inbox as well from this tab.

Files Tab

  • You can view recent files sent to the group and shared with the group.
  • You can also look at the entire document repository and keep all your files in one place via the Group Document Library

Events Tab

  • You have a Group Calendar for which you can schedule events, meetings, teams calls, etc… All managed from one location. Great for PTO calendars and On Call needs for the Care Centers.

Members Tab

  • You can manage all your membership of your group if you are an Owner.
  • Members can only View and Request to Leave a group.
  • You can Invite Guests and Review the status of membership in your Group as an Owner.

Changing Settings

  • To change Basic Settings, Click the Gear Icon and then Change the settings on the right side of the Screen
  • To change Advanced Settings, Click the Edit Group in the Ribbon, OR, Open Basic Settings and Click Edit Group in the right side of the Screen

Advanced Settings Screen

  • Advanced Settings are going to let you change some of the more Advanced tasks that you can let your users do.
    NOTE: There are some settings that can ONLY be changed by your IT Admin Team. In those instances, open a ticket with your Help Desk for assistance.

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