“FreeLance?!? I’m Not Free!!” A Diversity and Inclusion Review.

I recently was thinking about how my name is associated with the word FREE. That made me think about my encounters with people when we talk business and about me consulting for them. I would get some assumptions from others that I was:

– incompetent
– too pricy
– not flexible

I realized that with the word “freelance” a negative connotation became associated with me and my work. We have all grown up with different teachings of the word free and how we use it in different interactions with people and business. It is really at the subconscious level and most of the time a learned behavior to associate the word free with negativity.

That prompted me to do the following presentation on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in training environments. It is an effort to make everyone approach interactions with everyone in a thoughtful manner as to not offend or inadvertently show bias when dealing with people. Enjoy!!

Presentation Video

Diversity and Inclusion Review – Lance Lingerfelt Office Hours 2024

About Lance Lingerfelt

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Lance Lingerfelt is an M365 Specialist and Evangelist with over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. Having worked in enterprise environments to small businesses, he is able to adapt and provide the best IT Training and Consultation possible. With a focus on AI, the M365 Stack, and Healthcare, he continues to give back to the community with training, public speaking events, and this blog.

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