Prompt Comparison for Sales Enablement Video Creation: Adding the Human Touch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) often stirs up a sense of unease, with many worrying it might eclipse human roles. However, this fear doesn’t hold up in today’s reality. The human touch remains an indispensable part of the equation, and here’s a compelling example to illustrate this point. Imagine exploring diverse AI platforms, each providing unique responses to the same query. By comparing these varied outputs, you can leverage their insights to refine your end product. This process underscores your irreplaceable contribution, showcasing how your personal touch and expertise are the true differentiators in your field. It’s the blend of AI’s capabilities and your unique perspective that creates value, reaffirming the significance of your role in the workplace.


You need to automate the creation of sales enablement videos that can significantly enhance a sales team’s productivity and effectiveness. With its extensive database of successful sales pitches and presentation techniques, AI Platforms can provide personalized recommendations for creating compelling video content that resonates with potential customers. This enables sales reps to focus on building stronger relationships with prospects and closing deals, rather than spending time on tedious video production tasks.

The Prompt

This prompt was given to ChatGPT 4o, Google Gemini Advanced, and Copilot Pro:

I am creating a sales enablement video for my AI-102 bootcamp class with the goal of getting students prepared for the AI-102 Microsoft Exam in four days. The target audience for this video is beginner to mid-level Information Technology engineers. Can you recommend 10 key messaging points to include in the video that will effectively communicate the value of the product to the target audience? Additionally, what visual aids or examples can be used to support these messaging points and make the video more engaging?

ChatGPT 4o Response

Here are 10 key messaging points to include in your sales enablement video for the AI-102 bootcamp, along with suggestions for visual aids and examples to make the video engaging:

Key Messaging Points:

  1. Overview of AI-102 Certification:
    • Message: Explain what the AI-102 certification is, its relevance in the industry, and how it validates expertise in designing and implementing an Azure AI solution.
    • Visual Aid: Display the AI-102 certification badge, a summary of the skills measured, and a flowchart showing how this certification fits into the broader Microsoft certification pathway.
  2. Benefits of Certification:
    • Message: Highlight the career benefits, such as increased job opportunities, higher salary potential, and recognition as an AI specialist.
    • Visual Aid: Use infographics showing statistics on job market demand for AI professionals and potential salary increases.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum:
    • Message: Outline the bootcamp curriculum, emphasizing that it covers all exam objectives, including knowledge of Azure AI services, Cognitive Services, and conversational AI.
    • Visual Aid: Present a detailed curriculum timeline with key topics and modules.
  4. Hands-On Learning:
    • Message: Emphasize the importance of practical experience, including labs and real-world projects that students will work on.
    • Visual Aid: Show clips or screenshots of hands-on lab environments and examples of projects students will complete.
  5. Expert Instructors:
    • Message: Introduce the instructors, highlighting their expertise and experience in AI and Azure technologies.
    • Visual Aid: Include brief video introductions of the instructors, along with their credentials and previous work.
  6. Exam Preparation Strategies:
    • Message: Provide tips and strategies for effectively preparing for the AI-102 exam, including study plans, practice tests, and time management techniques.
    • Visual Aid: Display a study plan template, examples of practice questions, and a countdown timer to the exam date.
  7. Interactive and Supportive Learning Environment:
    • Message: Highlight the interactive nature of the bootcamp, including live Q&A sessions, discussion forums, and peer support.
    • Visual Aid: Show screenshots of the learning platform, live sessions, and testimonials from past students.
  8. Flexible Learning Options:
    • Message: Explain the flexibility of the bootcamp, with options for self-paced learning or scheduled live sessions to accommodate different learning styles and schedules.
    • Visual Aid: Use a calendar graphic to illustrate the various scheduling options and flexibility.
  9. Access to Resources:
    • Message: Detail the resources provided, such as study guides, reference materials, and access to the latest Azure AI tools and technologies.
    • Visual Aid: Display examples of study guides, Azure portal access, and resource libraries.
  10. Success Stories:
    • Message: Share success stories and testimonials from previous students who have completed the bootcamp and passed the AI-102 exam.
    • Visual Aid: Include video testimonials, success stories, and LinkedIn profiles of past students.

Visual Aids and Examples:

  1. Certification Badge and Skills Flowchart: To visually represent the certification and its place in the career pathway.
  2. Infographics and Statistics: To show job market demand and salary potential.
  3. Curriculum Timeline: To provide a clear overview of the bootcamp schedule and topics.
  4. Lab Environment Clips: To give a sense of the hands-on experience.
  5. Instructor Introductions: To build trust and credibility.
  6. Study Plan Template and Practice Questions: To illustrate preparation strategies.
  7. Learning Platform Screenshots: To show the interactive and supportive environment.
  8. Calendar Graphic: To depict flexible learning options.
  9. Resource Examples: To highlight the comprehensive support provided.
  10. Video Testimonials: To showcase real success stories and motivate potential students.

By incorporating these key messaging points and visual aids, your video will effectively communicate the value of the AI-102 bootcamp and engage your target audience.

Google Gemini Advanced Response

Absolutely! Here are 10 key messaging points tailored for your AI-102 bootcamp sales video, along with visual aids and examples to make them engaging:

Key Messaging Points:

  1. Fast-Track Your AI Career: Emphasize the bootcamp’s accelerated format (4 days) as a way to quickly gain in-demand AI skills.
    • Visual: A dynamic timeline graphic showing how the bootcamp rapidly propels learners from beginners to exam-ready.
  2. Master Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Highlight that the course covers the core Azure AI services needed to pass the AI-102 exam.
    • Visual: An animated diagram showcasing the Azure AI services (e.g., Cognitive Services, Bot Service, Machine Learning) like interconnected building blocks.
  3. Hands-On Labs and Real-World Projects: Stress the practical, hands-on nature of the bootcamp, with labs and projects using real Azure AI tools.
    • Visual: Quick video clips of students engaged in lab exercises or working on project demos.
  4. Exam-Focused Curriculum: Make it clear that the bootcamp’s content is directly aligned with the AI-102 exam objectives, maximizing success.
    • Visual: A side-by-side comparison of the course syllabus and the official exam skills outline, with matching highlights.
  5. Expert Instructors: Showcase the instructors’ credentials (Microsoft certifications, real-world AI experience) to establish credibility.
    • Visual: Brief video testimonials from past students praising the instructors’ expertise and teaching style.
  6. Community and Networking: Highlight the value of connecting with other IT professionals in the class, fostering a supportive learning environment.
    • Visual: Photos or short clips of students collaborating during group projects or participating in Q&A sessions.
  7. Affordable and Accessible: Position the bootcamp as a cost-effective option compared to other training programs, with flexible scheduling.
    • Visual: A simple pricing table comparing the bootcamp’s cost to similar courses, highlighting its value.
  8. Job Market Demand: Emphasize the growing need for AI skills in the IT industry, citing statistics and job postings to back it up.
    • Visual: An animated bar chart showing the projected growth of AI-related jobs, or a montage of screenshots from relevant job postings.
  9. Career Advancement Opportunities: Connect passing the AI-102 exam to potential career advancement, salary increases, or new roles.
    • Visual: A “career ladder” graphic illustrating the upward trajectory possible with AI certifications.
  10. Success Stories: Feature brief testimonials from past bootcamp graduates who have successfully passed the exam and/or advanced their careers.
    • Visual: Headshot photos of alumni with quotes about their positive experiences and career outcomes.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep it Concise: The video should be 2-3 minutes long, maximum.
  • Use High-Quality Visuals: Invest in professional video production or stock footage to make it look polished.
  • Strong Call to Action: End with a clear message urging viewers to enroll and provide a link or contact information.

Creating an engaging sales enablement video for the AI-102 Microsoft Exam is a great way to prepare IT engineers. Here are 10 key messaging points to include, along with suggestions for visual aids and examples:

  1. Certification Value: Emphasize the importance of the AI-102 certification in career advancement and the recognition it brings within the IT industry. Visual Aid: Use graphs to show potential career growth or salary increases with certification.
  2. Exam Overview: Provide a brief overview of what the AI-102 exam covers, including the key skills and knowledge areas. Visual Aid: An animated pie chart representing different sections of the exam.
  3. Practical Applications: Highlight how the skills learned can be applied to real-world scenarios. Visual Aid: Case studies or testimonials from professionals who have applied these skills successfully.
  4. Study Resources: Direct students to the best study materials and resources to prepare for the exam. Visual Aid: A resource map or flowchart showing study paths and resource links.
  5. Exam Format: Explain the format of the exam, including types of questions and duration. Visual Aid: Mock exam interface or sample questions.
  6. Success Stories: Share success stories of those who have passed the AI-102 exam and how it has benefited their careers. Visual Aid: Short interview clips or quotes from successful candidates.
  7. Support Systems: Inform about the support systems available, such as study groups and forums. Visual Aid: Screenshots of online communities or study group meetups.
  8. Skill Relevance: Discuss the relevance of AI-102 skills in the current IT landscape and future trends. Visual Aid: Trend graphs or industry forecasts.
  9. Preparation Tips: Offer tips on how to effectively prepare for the exam, including time management and study techniques. Visual Aid: Timelines or study schedules.
  10. Certification Path: Outline the certification path after AI-102, showing the next steps and further learning opportunities. Visual Aid: A roadmap or certification tree showing where AI-102 fits within the Microsoft certification ecosystem.

For visual engagement, consider using animated videos to explain complex concepts, interactive quizzes to test knowledge, and infographics to summarize key points. Good luck with your video!


You can see the difference in all the platforms. Copilot gave a precise answer listing visual aids and since it is relevant to a Microsoft Course, it was geared toward referencing Microsoft answers, kind of how Bing does as well. Gemini gave a more of an answer that was generalized and also added tips and suggestions to the end of the answer. ChatGPT gave the best answer I think in terms of the flow of the response. It gave the Visual Aid suggestions in the response and at the end of the response. I like that Gemini also suggested the video be shorter in nature, Copilot nor ChatGPT did not do that. The Gemini answer also gave me an idea for the second prompt to use in this scenario.

(Gemini Suggestion –>) Let me know if you’d like help crafting the script for your video!

Second Prompt (Prompt Chaining Method) – Same Chat In All Platforms

Could you craft a script for the video with timestamps for each section and key points?

ChatGPT 4o Answer

Here’s a script for your AI-102 bootcamp sales enablement video, complete with timestamps for each section and key points:

[0:00 – 0:15] Introduction


  • AI-102 Certification badge
  • Text: “Prepare for AI-102 Certification with Our Bootcamp”

Script: “Welcome to our AI-102 bootcamp! Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or advance your career, this program is designed to prepare you for the AI-102 Microsoft Exam.”

[0:16 – 0:45] Overview of AI-102 Certification


  • Flowchart of Microsoft certification pathway
  • AI-102 skills summary

Script: “The AI-102 certification validates your expertise in designing and implementing AI solutions on Microsoft Azure. This certification is highly regarded in the industry and demonstrates your ability to work with Azure AI services, Cognitive Services, and conversational AI.”

[0:46 – 1:15] Benefits of Certification


  • Infographics with job market demand and salary statistics

Script: “Earning the AI-102 certification can open doors to numerous career opportunities. Certified professionals are in high demand and can command higher salaries. You’ll gain recognition as an AI specialist, making you stand out in the job market.”

[1:16 – 1:45] Comprehensive Curriculum


  • Curriculum timeline with key topics

Script: “Our bootcamp covers all exam objectives in detail, from Azure AI services to Cognitive Services and conversational AI. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of each topic, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the exam.”

[1:46 – 2:15] Hands-On Learning


  • Clips of lab environments and project examples

Script: “We believe in learning by doing. Our bootcamp includes hands-on labs and real-world projects, giving you practical experience with Azure AI technologies. This approach ensures you can apply your knowledge effectively in real-world scenarios.”

[2:16 – 2:45] Expert Instructors


  • Video introductions of instructors with credentials

Script: “Meet our expert instructors. They are industry veterans with extensive experience in AI and Azure technologies. They’ll guide you through the bootcamp, providing valuable insights and answering your questions along the way.”

[2:46 – 3:15] Exam Preparation Strategies


  • Study plan template, practice questions, countdown timer

Script: “We provide you with proven strategies to prepare for the AI-102 exam. From detailed study plans to practice tests, we’ll help you manage your time effectively and focus on the key areas needed to succeed.”

[3:16 – 3:45] Interactive and Supportive Learning Environment


  • Screenshots of the learning platform, live sessions, and discussion forums

Script: “Our learning environment is interactive and supportive. Participate in live Q&A sessions, join discussion forums, and connect with your peers for a collaborative learning experience.”

[3:46 – 4:15] Flexible Learning Options


  • Calendar graphic showing scheduling options

Script: “We understand that everyone has different learning styles and schedules. Our bootcamp offers flexible learning options, including self-paced learning and scheduled live sessions, to accommodate your needs.”

[4:16 – 4:45] Access to Resources


  • Study guides, Azure portal access, resource libraries

Script: “You’ll have access to a wealth of resources, including study guides, reference materials, and the latest Azure AI tools and technologies. Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips.”

[4:46 – 5:15] Success Stories


  • Video testimonials, LinkedIn profiles of past students

Script: “Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our past students who have successfully completed the bootcamp and passed the AI-102 exam. Their success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our program.”

[5:16 – 5:30] Call to Action


  • Bootcamp registration link, contact information

Script: “Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Register for our AI-102 bootcamp today and start your journey towards becoming a certified AI specialist. Visit our website or contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you in class!”

By following this script and using the suggested visual aids, your video will be engaging and informative, effectively communicating the value of your AI-102 bootcamp to your target audience.

Google Gemini Advanced Answer

Absolutely! Here’s a script for your AI-102 bootcamp sales video, incorporating the key messaging points and visual aids we discussed:


[0:00 – 0:10] (Visual: Dynamic timeline graphic of a rocket launching) Narrator (VO):** Want to launch your AI career in just 4 days?

[0:10 – 0:25] (Visual: Animated diagram of interconnected Azure AI services) Narrator (VO):** Our AI-102 bootcamp is your fast track to mastering Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals and passing the certification exam.

[0:25 – 0:40] (Visual: Clips of students working in hands-on labs) Narrator (VO):** Get hands-on with real-world projects and labs using the latest Azure AI tools.

[0:40 – 0:55] (Visual: Side-by-side comparison of course syllabus and exam objectives) Narrator (VO):** Our exam-focused curriculum is designed to maximize your chances of success on the AI-102 exam.

[0:55 – 1:10] (Visual: Video testimonials from past students) Narrator (VO):** Learn from expert instructors with proven experience in the field.

[1:10 – 1:25] (Visual: Photos of students collaborating) Narrator (VO):** Join a community of like-minded IT professionals and build your network.

[1:25 – 1:40] (Visual: Pricing table comparison) Narrator (VO):** Our bootcamp is affordable, accessible, and offers flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

[1:40 – 1:55] (Visual: Animated bar chart of AI job growth) Narrator (VO):** The demand for AI skills is skyrocketing. Don’t get left behind!

[1:55 – 2:10] (Visual: “Career ladder” graphic) Narrator (VO):** Passing the AI-102 exam opens doors to exciting career opportunities and higher earning potential.

[2:10 – 2:25] (Visual: Headshot photos of alumni with success quotes) Narrator (VO):** Our graduates have gone on to achieve amazing things. Will you be next?

[2:25 – 2:30] (Visual: Bootcamp logo and website URL) Narrator (VO):** Enroll today and transform your career with AI!


Key Points:

  • Each section is about 15 seconds long, keeping the video concise and engaging.
  • Visuals are carefully chosen to reinforce the key messaging points.
  • The script has a clear call to action, encouraging viewers to enroll.

Let me know if you’d like any adjustments or further refinements!

Copilot Pro Answer

Certainly! Here’s a draft script for your AI-102 bootcamp class sales enablement video:

[00:00:00-00:00:20] Introduction Welcome to the AI-102 Exam Prep Bootcamp! Over the next few minutes, we’ll guide you through the key points to help you conquer the AI-102 Microsoft Exam.

[00:00:20-00:01:00] Certification Value The AI-102 certification is not just a badge of honor; it’s a stepping stone to greater opportunities in the IT field. With this certification, you’re showcasing your commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of AI solutions on Azure.

[00:01:00-00:01:40] Exam Overview This exam tests your skills in designing and implementing AI apps and agents. It’s crucial for those looking to specialize in AI solutions and services.

[00:01:40-00:02:20] Practical Applications The skills you gain aren’t just theoretical. They have practical applications, from enhancing business processes to creating innovative AI features.

[00:02:20-00:03:00] Study Resources There’s a wealth of resources at your disposal, from Microsoft Learn to community forums. Make sure to utilize them fully.

[00:03:00-00:03:40] Exam Format Expect a mix of multiple-choice, case studies, and practical labs. The exam is designed to test not just your knowledge, but your ability to apply it.

[00:03:40-00:04:20] Success Stories Hear from those who’ve passed and how it’s propelled their careers forward. Let their stories inspire you.

[00:04:20-00:05:00] Support Systems You’re not alone in this journey. Join study groups and engage with the community to enrich your learning experience.

[00:05:00-00:05:40] Skill Relevance AI is the future, and with AI-102, you’re keeping your skills relevant and in-demand.

[00:05:40-00:06:20] Preparation Tips Effective preparation is key. Plan your study schedule, practice with labs, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

[00:06:20-00:07:00] Certification Path Passing AI-102 is just the beginning. Explore further certifications to continue growing your expertise.

[00:07:00-00:07:30] Conclusion You have the potential to excel in the AI-102 exam and take your career to new heights. Let’s get started and make your mark in the world of AI.

Feel free to adjust the script to better fit your style and the specific content you want to include. Good luck with your video!


Keeping in theme with the Prompt Chaining, all three platforms create very different scripts for the video but keep in line the original references that they started with. I like that Gemini and ChatGPT put the Visuals in each section of the script so that you could have ideas to prompt for pictures and visuals for those slides in the video. Notice the difference in how long the videos are for each Platform. Gemini keeps to the two to three minute suggestion where Copilot makes the video into an eight minute marathon. I think ChatGPT presents the best overall solution as showing a five minute video, plus the formatting is the easiest to read and analyze.

Adding the Human Touch

Now you go to another prompt in ChatGPT with DALL-E for those visuals, or you might be able to use Copilot or Designer to create the visuals for the video. You would then need to use another program like Camtasia or Clipchamp to actually create the video. I have not gone so far in AI yet to see how that could assist you with that portion of the work, but in the end, YOU have to use all these answers and data to make the final product video that will have a mix of both answers, only one, or none. The thing is, in the time it took to prompt these AI Platforms for this information, you have saved a TON of time on the research for this project and can focus on really creating a great video.

The diversity of AI responses can feel overwhelming, even unnerving. Yet, this very diversity is where your human touch becomes invaluable. By evaluating and synthesizing these varied AI-generated insights, you’re not merely curating information; you’re applying your unique judgment, experience, and understanding of your audience. This process transforms raw data into a tailored product that resonates with viewers, proving that while AI can augment your work, it cannot replicate the nuance and creativity you bring to the table.


In this era of AI advancement, it’s easy to fixate on the capabilities of machines. But as we’ve seen, AI is not a replacement, but a powerful tool. The true magic happens when human expertise intersects with AI’s potential. By harnessing AI-generated insights, you’re not just creating a product; you’re crafting a solution that’s uniquely yours, enriched by your personal touch. This synthesis of human ingenuity and AI’s computational power is the future of productivity, ensuring that your role remains vital, valued, and irreplaceable.

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