Hello. I am going to be posting a few scripts that I have been working on to help run some reports. Hopefully, maybe these can get moved over to MS Graph as I get better at that module set. Anyway, this script will get all the User Mailboxes in the M365 tenant, check to see if it is 80 percent full and report on those mailboxes in a CSV file, no matter what EXO License plan they have.

This is helpful if you’re making a case for Archive Mailboxes or you have multiple users complaining of their mailboxes getting full. Please review this script and provide any suggestions you may have for error handling or making the script better. I always welcome suggestions!

The script will output a CSV file that will look like this:
(NOTE: Values are in GB per the script)

Conclusion: If you need a report to show mailboxes nearing their quota without it being too close, then this script is for you. Thanks again!!!!

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